ASARONE converted to TMA-2 in the body? (18 times the potency of Mescaline)

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OK..... so I've been interested in TMA-2 for quite awhile now. Its structurally similar to Mescaline, only has a much higher potency. I8 times higher to be exact. Effects are said to have the same feel as Mescaline, with a few differences in visual department . Bearing in mind that TMA-2 is a amphetamine, there is also a noticeable stimulant edge to it. Saying that, from reading trip reports this coincides with a feeling of sedation. A bit like how you feel on Kratom?

The trouble is, as with many other research chemicals, TMA-2 is unfortunately illegal. Whats more, it never gained popularity on the street, which makes it almost impossible to acquire, unless you make it yourself. =(

Heres the good part.

I've known for a long time TMA-2 is derived from Asarone found in the roots of sweet flag (Acorus calamus). Sweet flag is said to be psychoactive on its own. It also stimulates bile production in the stomach (used as herbal medicine in this way). In order to get any worthwhile effects you're at risk of puking your guts up for hours, due to over stimulation of the digestive tract. I quick look on Erowid and your find many people reporting this. As far as I'm aware, Asarone extract does not have this effect, but retains the psychoactive element.

I've recently come across a document saying that Asarone is converted into TMA-2 in the body. This is awesome news if true, as Asarone extract is readily available on the Internet. legal too!

So my question is. Does anyone know if this is true? Does Asarone really get converted into TMA-2 in the body?

Here is the article.

ASARONE -- 1,2,4-trimethoxy-5-propenylbenzene or 2,4,5-trimethoxy-1-
Material: A chemical related to mescaline and the amphetamines
found in the roots of sweet flag (_Acorus calamus_) and _Asarum_ spp.
It is chemically the precusor of TMA-2 (2,4,5-trimethoxy-a-methyl-4,5-
methylenedioxyphenylethylamine), a hallucinogen with 18 times the gram
potency of mescaline. Asarone is converted to TMA-2 in the body by
aminization which takes place shortly after ingestion.
Usage: 45-350 mg orally on empty stomach. Individual sensitivity
varies widely.
Effects: Simultaneous stimulant, hallucinogen, and sedative. One
or another of these traits may be more pronounced depending upon the
dose and the individual. CNS stimulant, antispasmatic.
Contraindications: Should not be taken with MAO inhibitors.

Some info on TMA-2
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  • "Whats more, it never gained popularity on the street. "

    Not true at all... It was very popular as a street drug in the late '70s and '80s, however was usually sold under a variety of different names, most notably "synthetic mescaline" and sometimes as "microdot acid" (tho the pills were very slightly larger than a real microdot). The effects are, indeed, very psychedelic and closer to mescaline or another phenethylamine than to anything else. Even better is the methylated form, MTMA (also Schedule 1, I believe), which is psychedelic with a very pleasant kinesthetic component.

    I've chewed calamus root on a few occasions and got a mild stimulant effect. Nothing psychedelic, however... I suspect I'd need to chew much more or sample a fresh extract to know. No digestive discomfort at those doses.

    Calamus is a revered herb in many different traditions and is relatively safe to use... so wot the hell. Experiment a little. (In a legal way, of course.)
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    Calamus doesn't contain TMA-2, nor can your body convert it to TMA-2. Shulgin is spot on there.

    Beyond that, beta-asarone is not the "active ingredient" in calamus, nor is calamus carcinogenic (though isolated beta-asarone, injected in large doses for a continued preiod of time may be).

    On a related not, the stomach does not produce bile (that's the job of the liver). Calamus, though, being an aromatic bitter, will stimulate all digestive secretions, as all bitters do, when tasted.

    As for how something can be stimulating and relaxing at the same time, try scratching your head vigorously with your fingernails. Chances are, you'll relax any tention you were holding in your noggin, and stimulate circulation there.

    People posting to erowid puking were often using the plant in ways ranging from reckless (ingesting a lot of powdered root all at once) to very dangerous (ingesting the essential oil because they think that beta asarone is the active ingredient... it is not). If "asarone extract" is a concentrated tincture, it can cause problems because you can take too much. If it's made from the essential oil, its dangerous.

    You need to chew the root. You don't need to be in a hurry about it, and you shouldn't have some quantity set as to what needs to be consumed. When your body says "no more", you should listen.

    responsable, good info on calamus can be found here: