DXM - legal high, get at the store.

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allright some preliminary info before i get into what it is, and where you get it, and why its fun ^_^

I took dxm for quite a while, its cheap moneywise, really fun, and if you take it right, little to no nausea, and no after-depression what-so-ever! im seriaus nobody i know has had depression or repricussion from DXM. i am sounding persuasuve yes, it helped me with meditation during my ventures into shamanism a thousand-fold

the smart thing is always to read the FAQ - because it goes into details like not to take it if you heave certain heart problems, or if your taking certain drugs, you dont want to get high on dxm (like, dont smoke cigs while on it,or drink, or be taking antidepressants - MAOI inhibitors - youd have to give anti's a week to clear your system)
the best FAQ ive found: there is a good one there

inside your generic Cough Syrup, or cough gells, is 15-30mg of Dextromethorphan per dose

this is a powerful dissasociative drug in higher doses. Opium suppresses coughs too by the way :) so, its not exactly like your getting high on cough syrup, cause the syrup does nothing, you can also take a bunch of the 15mg robitussin gels if you dont want to down nasty syrup

if you want to try this, make sure whatever you get, the ONLY Active ingredient must be dxm., no gaufenstenin or however its spelled or anything else can be present for a safe experience - store brand is usually the best dxm-only syrup, robitussin gelcaps is the best pill form.

Basically the drug high has 4 plateaus -and depending on where you want to go, and your body weight, will weigh in the outcome of the high - it takes about an hour to kick in, 2 hours to peak, and then about 6 hours of riding it, with a nice afterglow too

----at the bottom of this link is a calculator to see the outcome of weight/plateau wanting to be reached----

for me, a person of 135 Lbs:
100-250mg is my First Plateau

•feels like being really drunk, but without staggering and slurring, or tiredness
•warm tingly all over
•little train of thought, kinda like instant keanu reeves 'whoa!'
•trance and techno sound really amazing and easy to wrap your mind around
•walking around with someheadphones on in the park at night is great fun on first
•makes it really easy to conjure up some nice meditative dream states

250-500mg is my second plateau most likely (the most ive taken was 300mg

•starting to feel in your own world
•you may get powerful closed eye visuals (expanding surfaces, walls, moving structures, with multicolor patterns running across them)
•tasks like opening a bananna, or putting your glasses on become humorously difficult due to the powerful dissasociation
- i have video of me on second taking a minute to open a bananna XD
• everythign will feel spacey and feathery, you might jsut wander around going whoooaaa at everything

and then around 600-900 would be my third plateau mostlikely

•my friend says there are open eye visuals here mixed with all the effects from second and first

1200+ for 4th plateau

•easily obtained complete out of body experience, create your own universe effect. (per a friends review of 4'th plateau)

i reccomend trying 50mg first the day before-to see what more then the medical dose does to your body, cause thats smart :)

while nausia isnt too common, My method for not puking is to gradually take your dose,
-for cough syrup, take a shotglass of it every 20 minutes til your dosage is used up
-for gelcaps, 2 to 3 15mg gels every 15 minutes - after an hour youll be set for first plateau depending on your weight, this also helps lengthen the trip

you never want to take more than 1200mg (or take that much more than one time also) if you want to be within healthy bounds , id reccomend if you work your way up dose wise if you like it, when i tripped second plateau it was sooo damn good i havent visited second for a while, i cant imagine what third and fourth would be like

as most recreational drugs, there is tolerance. so, if you start to do it weekly, and level up on plateuas, the magic will eventually soften unless you stop for a while

as for dangers of dxm - dont take it if your heavily concentrated on school and dont want to risk very short term memory fuzzyness :p

the myth that it creates legions in the brain is due to testing on animals, no cases of legions in human brains found

DXM should never be taken while on medications such as MAOIs and SSRIs, this may interact with DXM to cause serotonin syndrome. This condition, although rarely fatal, is not terribly pleasant. Some of the symptoms of serotonin syndrome include muscle rigidity, confusion, diarrhea, incoordination, low-grade fever, sweating, muscle tremor, mania, agitation, exaggerated reflexes, and nausea. Some drugs to avoid taking while on DXM are:

• phentermine, fenfluramine, phen-fen (diet drugs)

• fluoxetine (Prozac®, an SSRI), tricyclics and lithium (antidepressants)

• terfenadine (SeldaneTM - prescription antihistamine), & possibly other non-drowsy antihistamines, such as ClaritinTM and HisminalTM (these can cause heart irregularities)

• antidepressants Desyrel (trazodone) & Serzone (nefazodone) (Possible liver damage)

• some SSRIs such as bupropion (WellbutrinTM) can give a prolonged (3+ day) hangover.

• also, cigarette smoke might be considered an MAOI, which may increase unwanted side-effects

• MDMA (extacy), while it isn't a MAOI, it should be avoided with DXM (possible heart problems)

• opiates can cause a fatal overdose when mixed with DXM.
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    Re: DXM - legal high, get at the store.

    Fri, September 15, 2006 - 3:14 PM
    The DXM experience is pretty crazy. I have done it twice about 18 to 20 years ago via downing a bottle of robitussin DM. It seemed alot of kids were doin it cuz it was all over the news.

    My friends and i most definateley threw up...but that was after smoking some herb. It was pretty intense but somewhat uncomfortable at given points in time through out the trip. Also one of us got like a rash/hives reaction on the skin.

    I'm no expert so i have no clue how safe DXM is.
    Always make sure, like Steve said theres no other active ingredients. Acetaminopheni which is included in many cough medicines can be harmfull to the liver in large quantities.

    Overall it was worth it and from what i remember it was fun. Just be as safe as possible. :)
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      Fri, September 15, 2006 - 5:32 PM
      dxm is very unsafe, onleys lesions n what not. i did it a few times about 5 years ago, really good with music and the cevs can be very intense, not a party drug, and it's bad bad bad bad on the brain, just look for spelling errors and an increased detachment with the world. is that third plateau site still up? anyway, it's an experience to experience, can really show you how your mind can create reality (ever become a river or ride the flying astral roller coster or go into the rooms?) but it's dangerous as hell and can eat your brain quick if you dose on it too many times in too short a period. i puked on it every time

      - L
      • Re: DXM - legal high, get at the store.

        Sun, September 17, 2006 - 1:35 PM
        From my experience I found DXM to be a dissociative anaesthetic with a sort-of psychedelic headspace that it propels you into. If anyone hasn't seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you should check that out - the way they walk when they dose on the ether is more or less exactly how you end up trying to walk if you've had anything above 400mg. Funny to watch, but your "mind recoils in horror" from time to time. Definitely a sort of connection to the universal phenomenon of consciousness and yes you do get to tap into your reality-creating mind mechanisms because your mind becomes essentially detached from your incredibly distorted senses. Dissociative Anaesthetic. Think Ketamine, although it is different from what I've heard. Anyhow, you might want to just learn to identify psilocybe and amanita muscaria mushrooms and just milk the local wildlife rather than (a) supporting pharmaceutical companies and (b) f**king with your nervous system in scary ways....I don't know....I have a bias against it because my last trip was way too strong and my body was impossibly far away while I was still partially able to control it (although nearly completely numb and detached and floating in this kind of ethereal consciousness realm) and I just had this overwhelming feeling that this is doing more damage than good.
      • Re: DXM - legal high, get at the store.

        Sun, September 17, 2006 - 3:51 PM
        bleh. while I will say that the whole olney's lesions from disassociatives thing is a bit exagerated, the physical effects of a come down are a decent indicator of how harsh the substance is on the body. I tried dxm coupla times several years ago, and the come down was always pretty harsh for me. even while on it, the physical effects were uncomfortable. I first heard of it from friends that grew up in the midwest and couldn't get their hands on any other substances even vaguely psychedelic. while I feel there is some value in the disassociative experience, ketamine is far smoother, dxm has a rather uncomfortable body high.
        a friend used to say that a third of the folks that try dxm hate it and don't understand why anyone would be into that, a third find it interesting but don't feel much of a pull to repeat the experience, and a third of the ppl really like it. I don't know how accurate that breakdown is, but it certainly isn't for everyone.
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          my 2 cents

          Mon, September 18, 2006 - 7:54 AM

          that's my one-word summary of my dextro experiment. in college three floormates and i each drank a 16 oz glass of that horrible stuff (i haven't had it in my body since) - it wasn't a trip, to me... it was more like a bad fever. the only visuals i experienced were with my eyes closed, and that of the izod alligator in patterns across my vision. one of my floormates did make a flame-thrower out of a bug sprayer, so that was cool, but...

          if lsd is to hard liquor as mushrooms are to fine wine - then dxm is like drinking moonshine directly from the still.

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            Re: my 2 cents

            Fri, September 22, 2006 - 6:44 PM
            ahhh yes, dxm.
            tried it a few...numerous times a few years ago.
            i really liked it:
            lying in bed and forgetting completley about my body, existing completley within the confines of my mind, flying around, immensley enjoying music. i it really was never a very enlightening drug, but i always enjoyed the trips. always felt as if reality was entirley contained within my mind - DO NOT DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC WHILE HIGH!!!
            a boyfriend of mine drank a bottle of cough syrup with an additional ingedient and he had an awful time shitty his guts out all night, so be very wary of that./
            i think if you enjoy psychedellics and dissasociatives, you would enjoy a dxm trip, just take er easy and make sure you have nothing else to do, and no one to deal with for many hours. it takes a long time to clear from your system.
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              Sun, September 24, 2006 - 1:07 AM
              by the way, mixing dxm with LSA greatly enhances the effects of both. Still waiting for the appropriate timing to test mixing dxm with psilocybin. slightly risky experiments but turning out so far to be very interesting results.