Dream Regarding A Very Polite, Older Couple

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In the later morning hours of yesterday morning ( March 27, 2012), I recall a segment of dream where I am in a dreamscape that is an indoor public place , and there I meet two very nice people, after meeting other people in the earlier segments ---that though they were not overtly rude , were less friendly, or even rather diffident .

At the present time, I do not recall much about the segments of dream previous to the segment when I met the nice couple . Perhaps the specifics of the earlier dream interludes will return to me in time .

What I seem to recall was being in the lobby of some place, a place that could have been a gift shop ---that was much more aesthetically appealing than a usual gift shop (the objects there were not kitschy--or perhaps it was the lobby of a formal cafe, or formal resturaunt, that had a lot of light colored furnishings and shelves (or display cabinets) featuring pottery and other items , and an adjoining chamber with expansive windows on the doors which were segmented by beams (some beams vertical; others were horizontal) which criss- crossed the window panes . (There is probably a name for that architectural feature , once I consult the old dictionary of architectural terms, which belonged to my grandfather , I hope to present the name in a subsquent postscript) .

There seemed to be one of those somewhat small chambers, wherein a pair of doors opened from the inside of the building leads to a small , virtually empty room , which, in turn, leads to another series of double doors (sort of the intermediate room/ passageway , which one finds in a Barnes & Noble bookstore) . Previous to going through the passageway, which was apparently leading to the outdoor of the building , I recall stopping to look at a beautiful vase that had been perched on some sort of cabinet- like shelf . The vase seemed a creamy off-white in tint , it was not enormously large nor greatly small . As time goes on and if I get occasion to consult some books or articles on vases , I could then hopefully be better informed as to describe its length and height , as well as descrive it 's shape (and perhaps be able to cite a name of a type of vase that has a similar appearance , and hopefully be able to post the description in a subsequent postscript ) .

The vase was not very wide in girth , yet not super- thin either , and it 's height was not that enormous. It had a shape somewhere between an oval and a rectangular shape , and to give a rough estimate was about the height of the length which extends from the middle of an average person's forearm to the tip of their fingers , if their hand is about average in size . I marvelled at its beauty . It was somewhat beautiful vase , not kitschy, yet not as ornate as, say, an cloisenne or art nouveau vase would be .

It was when I approached the doors that served as an exit (and perhaps also an entrace to visitors coming into the building) that I met the older couple . They were somewhat older in appearance , perhaps a good ten years or so past middle age , and I recall wanting to be polite to them , so I said something like 'after you' , wanting to let them go first in proceeding out the doors , and made a hand gesture of politeness to echo the sentiment that I wanted them to have the priveledge of going first, since I did not want to cut in front of them . They said something whose uphot was along the lines of 'no, after you and smiled politely' . (I wish I could recall the exact verbatim exchange of words with the characters in the dream ). They may have also echoed the sentiment with gesticulating of hand gestures indicating that they wanted me to go first through the passage way of two pairs of double doors ....

If I recall correctly they were tall , fairly slender people : a man and woman ---apparently husband and wife, or a romantic couple of some sort . If I recall rightly they were dressed in modest formal attire ---well dressed , yet not in an flashy , ostentatious manner . The older gentleman had , if I recall rightly a full white mustache and fairly short , yet full hair, a short hairdo that was not short as , say, a crew cut and full, without any bald patches that I could recall , that if memory serves righly may have also been whitish in colour . His female companion was neat in appearance , with a pleasant face , somewhat almost full figured but not enormously so, and of about the same height as the man , wearing a modest dress of some sort . They were a nice couple which manidested what one might plausibly call : a kindly , quiet wisdom to their smiling faces , that signified a sense of promise and a sort of spiritual quality , that was manifest more immediately (and more interesingly) in the demeanor of their radiant , yet patient kindly faces and gestures than it would be in much talking (Although I certainly wouldn't have minded listening to them , if they had chosen to discourse at length ) . Their expressions and gestures had a look of wisdom .

After they had spoken and gestured for me to go forward with a convival politeness, I think I may have wanted to show gratitude by saying something deferential as to why I thought they should still go first , for I wanted to continue the politeness again , so as to show gratitude .

I had the feeling though that it may have been leading to something of an impasse in the matter , for I think they had with the same good natured generosity indicated they wanted me to go first . I remember thinking that maybe that process of , 'no, after you' could go on for a considerable span of minutes and then pose a dilemma . I recall thinking inwardly and pondering whether to say aloud about how my seventh grade science teacher , Mrs.Tucker , had once wrote on the blackboard the aphorism which read ,

'courtesy is the outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace ' (and that thought was in the inner dialogue of the mind yet not spoken aloud in the outward verbalizations of the dream) . I thought about saying that to them , and was leaning towards saying the adage aloud to them , to signify gratitude to them / ascribing such gratitude to them ...that they had that quality . Some few more moments elapsed , and I do not presently recall what was said (if anything) and then I awoke .

I later would return to sleep and have other dreams , the content of which I do not recall: dreams that were apparently unrelated to the dream I am presently reporting in the current memoir , and which were shorter and fragmentary in duration .

Meeting the older couple in the dream had an awe inpiring quality about it ---yet it was awe- inspiring in a somewhat, quiet subdued mood .
It was quite spiritually edifying .

The couple looked like some people I have met somewhere before, though not necessarily together, in the wakeaday realm, sometime probably within the past 12 years or so, but I cannot , at the present time place where (other than the general location of central Florida) or exactly when .

I hope that I was able to convey enough gratitude and politeness to them commensurate with the kindness they had extended to me .

Previous to that interlude, the content of the dream had been *slightly* dreary . Some dreamt events had a problematic sort of mood to , though it was nowhere near dreamy as to be called nightmarish , nonethless, there had been some sense of disconcertment in the dream and pessimism , that was dispelled by meeting the nice older couple .

I wish I would dream of people like them more often .

I hope to see them in another dream again, and be able to do them some kindness .
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    Fascinating and complex dream! Please consider joining our "Sharing Our Dreams" tribe and posting it there:
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      Thank you for the invitation , Will .

      I shall .
      • One of the vases, in the segment of dream that had an article of furniture, as seen in the sunlit lobby of the oneiric building , was somewhat similar in style to the vase in the following hyperlink .

        It was (if memory serves rightly) it seemed to look like it had the basic texture and colour of the following vase, though the semblance of the vase in the dream (if the memory serves rightly) had more of a fringed , or fluted somewhat fan -like ridge, to the upper neck of it . I wish that I had a better likeness to give the reader a better likeness thereof . The relative I presently live with has a Mccoy vase in the wakeday realm and that may have been the template for the image in the dream :
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          It is worthwhile to note , that the impression the old couple encountered in the dream gave, is an impression of people , who had lived without getting involved in any edginess , or competiveness ; people who had always lived quiet lives . They gave the impression of characters who one would hope had managed by and large to find some way to avoid the statements of people who were given to avoiding those who fostered ambivalent/ambiguous thinking ; avoided all murkiness and certainly would certainly never embrace any ambivalent/murky/ idiosyncratic thinking , never be capricious or murky in thought or mood even for a moment , people who had a single minded commitment to living a wholesome , quiet life of *dreamy decorum*.